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Selection of Rubber Cover:

Selection of rubber cover should be done by taking into account the type of materials to be conveyed and the operating condition of the belt. PLYCON standard rubber conveyor belting is available in the following grades.




General purpose belting IS 1891 (Part 1) latest


It has tensile strength superior resistance to abrasion, cut and gouging. Recommended for transporting abrasive material.


Suitable for transporting moderately abrasive materials.



Iron ore, Coal, Copper, Limestone, Lignite, etc.,



Sand, Cement, Wood, Chips, Dry pulp, etc.,

Heat Resistant Belting IS 1891 (Part II) latest


Suitable for transporting hot materials (up to 125 degree for coarse materials and 100 degree centigrade for fines)


Suitable for transporting hot materials (Up to 150 degree centigrade for coarse materials and 125 degree centigrade for fines)

Foundry sand, Soda ash, Hot Limestone, Cement Clinker, Ash handling, Hot Coke, etc.,

Oil Resistant Belting IS 1891 (Part III) latest

Good resistance to mineral, vegetable and animal oils and fats etc.,

Soya Beans Oil, Fish Oil, Coffee, Rice, Oil, etc.,

Hygienic conveyor beltings IS 1891 (Part-IV) latest

These belts with food grade rubber covers do not import odour and do not stain the materials to be conveyed and thus are particularly suitable for food processing industries.

Tea, Tobacco, Salt, Confectioneries, Fruit & Food processing, etc.,

Fire Resistant (FR) Grade IS 1891 (Part-V) latest

Recommended for use in coal and such types of mines enveloped in fire. Rubber covers are fire resistant and antistatic.

Coal, Coal sulphur, etc.,

Conveyor belts with other cover grades as per customer specification can be supplied on request.

PLYCON Special Purpose belting

Chevron Type Conveyor Belts


For carrying coal and mineral ores, powdery materials like sand, fine coal and grain as well as materials in bags along routes.


  • Can carry loose materials at angle 30-35 degree and bagged materials up to 40 degree

  • Cleats angle and pitch are designed for smooth travel over return idlers

  • Cleats and top cover rubber are mono block molded for strength.


PVC Coated conveyor belts

PLYCON PVC coated conveyor belts are used for light duty applications like assembly line conveyors, pharmaceutical industries and food processing industries etc.,

Side wall with cleats

Adequate rigidity while designing the side wall keeps it from buckling under compression experienced at the point of deflection. While, use of a special rubber compound that has high elongation at break on the top portion of the side wall ensures tear and gauging resistance. Moreover, the side wall is fully reinforced with Nylon fabric for enhanced durability


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